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The right ingredients

Digital marketing

Can any business afford not to have a digital marketing strategy these days?

Not really.

Although the digital world can be a bit confusing and scary when you first start out, the good news is that smaller companies can now compete on more or less equal terms with much larger companies – and, with the right plans and strategies in place – they don’t have to spend anything like the same amount of money to get the right results.

Many aspects of digital marketing might seem a bit overwhelming to the casual observer, but the good news is that we know precisely what’s going on behind the scenes – and, with your input, we’ll be able to create and deliver a brilliant digital marketing strategy for your business that is fully optimised to achieve your corporate goals.

The key to a successful digital marketing strategy lies in selecting the right ingredients in the right quantities for your business. There are five key options to consider. We’ll work closely with you and your team to create, deliver and optimise a digital marketing strategy that’s right for your organisation.

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Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We’ll get the best keywords for your business onto the first page of Google, with a search engine optimisation strategy that includes both onsite and offsite SEO activities. Did you know that organic search results are much more trusted than paid-for adverts?

Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Digital advertising

Get instant leads for your sales pipeline via a targeted digital advertising strategy that includes search engine advertising, advertising networks and social channels. Our digital experts are always looking for ways to improve conversions and reduce costs.

Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Email marketing

Improve the health of your sales pipeline and increase the lifetime value of customers with an email marketing strategy that’s ably supported by CRM and marketing automation. Did you know that email delivers the best ROI for many organisations?

Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Content marketing

Keep your customers up to date with regular, interesting and relevant content - and improve your SEO at the same time - with a hard-hitting content marketing strategy. Content means blogs, newsletters, videos, white papers, podcasts, webinars...

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Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Social media marketing

Promotion, education, communication… There are so many tactics and strategies to consider when it comes to putting together a successful social media marketing strategy. There is no better way to regularly engage with customers and breathe life into your brand story.

The bottom line…

Our greatest skill is not only in ensuring that the mix of digital marketing activities is right for your business, but in delivering the best strategy for each digital media. There’s no point delivering a digital marketing plan skilfully and with great effort if the overall strategy is wrong.

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