Design is a subjective business

Creative brand proposition

We love working on creative brand propositions.
Why? Because this is where our design studio gets to demonstrate their creative genius and design flair.

Our creative directors have honed their skills working for some of the biggest and best marketing agencies in London over the course of their careers, delivering exciting creative concepts for many of the largest brands in the world, and our approach to creative brand proposition work at Abacus is based on a fusion of their knowledge, expertise and experience, which works superbly well when it is delivered alongside our marketing consultancy approach to marketing planning and strategy.

Our creative team will make sure you are involved in the process throughout the entire brand creation journey – as much or as little as you wish.

For some clients, we start things off by generating a suitable name for their business (or for a product, service or event). Where a trading name is in place, as is most often the case, the next stage in the process is the creation of a logo and an overall design style, to demonstrate that the application of a consistent brand identity is possible across all your sales and marketing materials.

Of course, design is a subjective business. That’s why we always create a number of visual styles for you to choose from during the process – normally we create three different options. We will make sure you have the opportunity to add input every step of the way, so that you are absolutely onboard with how the overall brand is evolving.

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Consistency really is the watchword when it comes to good quality design, which is why we create a comprehensive set of brand guidelines as part of the process.

This makes sure that every piece of sales and marketing collateral you ever produce reflects positively and professionally on your organisation. That in turn means the overall look and feel, tone of voice, photography, fonts, colour waves, icons and other graphical assets are all set out and clearly defined in this document.

Of course, we are always in favour of creating design solutions that work best in the real world, and this means we need to ensure that the brand guidelines we create do not limit creativity. With this in mind, there are two steps in the process that we follow when creating them. The first is to create a brand handbook at an early stage in the design development process; this handbook operates as a ‘work in progress’ guide to how the brand should look when applied to sales and marketing materials – we deliver this element at the end of the conceptual stage in the process, so our graphic designers have a good sense of direction about how to apply the brand concept when creating your website, brochure, stationery and so on.

We then complete more formal brand guidelines once we have delivered all the marketing communications collateral, so that the brand is able to evolve naturally during this time. These guidelines will then be edited on an ongoing basis as and when we create lead generation activities to fill your sales pipeline with suspects and prospects – such as through integrated marketing campaigns, digital marketing strategies and live events, exhibitions and conferences.

The bottom line…

The look and feel of your organisation is absolutely essential if you wish to create a favourable first impression to potential customers. It needs to deliver a perception of quality, professionalism and trustworthiness. It is the bit everyone focuses on when they think of corporate branding – but to be as powerful as possible, don’t forget that it really ought to be built on the solid bedrock of a strong strategic brand proposition.


Corporate branding, Creative brand proposition, Design studio, Marketing consultancy, Website design and development
Content marketing, Corporate branding, Creative brand proposition, Design studio, Digital marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing consultancy, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Social media marketing, Website design and development
Corporate branding, Corporate videos, Creative brand proposition, Design studio, Digital marketing, Marketing consultancy, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Strategic brand proposition, Website design and development
Corporate branding, Creative brand proposition, Design studio, Digital marketing, Marketing consultancy, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Strategic brand proposition, Website design and development

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