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Over the years, we have created and delivered large, complex channel marketing campaigns for the likes of IBM, Esso, Xerox, Land Rover and BT.

Channel marketing is all about improving the performance of the sales distribution channel – be it internal or external – by means of communication, education, recognition and reward. We always add SMART objectives into the mix too, so that we can measure, analyse and improve strategy on an ongoing basis.

Channel marketing is an umbrella term that covers any form of marketing that is delivered to either internal or third party sales channels.

That means it includes rewards and recognition for the achievement of sales targets by individuals and teams, the communication of key messages to a large and disparate sales, product or service team, and the education and testing of knowledge, as well as checking aptitude and attitude when it comes to the delivery of good quality customer service.

Channel marketing rewards for good performance are far more visible than salaries and bonuses, which are not easy to communicate in the public domain – you can choose from a wide variety of options including vouchers, goods and services, events and travel trips. Make sure you are aware of tax and NI considerations (we can advise in this regard too).

Channel marketing rewards
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Here are a few examples of the types of channel marketing project we have delivered for corporate giants over the years…

  • We delivered an award-winning dealership sales incentive campaign for IBM aimed at their UK network. The purpose was to increase sales of PCs and laptops. It was so successful that we were then commissioned to deliver an EMEA-wide channel communication strategy for their software division, the primary purpose of which was to build a database of people working within their international network of resellers and distributors.
  • We were commissioned by Xerox to create a programme to encourage sales of their photocopying products and services across Europe. The campaign also included product education and knowledge testing.
  • We delivered a customer service campaign for staff working at Esso dealerships across the UK. The campaign achieved unprecedented levels of participation and engagement.
  • We delivered an internal communications strategy aimed at BT’s 15,000 customer-facing staff to make sure staff understood which products and services they needed to focus their sales efforts on each quarter when speaking to inbound call customers.
  • Land Rover commissioned us to create a number of projects aimed at communicating with, educating, recognising and rewarding their dealerships in terms of sales, service and parts, as well the management team and the dealership as a whole. These activities included dealer incentives, domestic events and corporate travel.

The bottom line…

Channel marketing campaigns are unique to individual clients. The bottom line is that their basic intent is to increase profits by increasing sales or decreasing costs.


Channel marketing, Design studio, Digital marketing, Email Marketing, Website design and development
Channel marketing, Corporate presentations, Design studio, Marketing campaigns, Marketing consultancy
Channel marketing, Corporate presentations, Corporate videos, Design studio, Marketing consultancy
Channel marketing, Corporate videos, Design studio, Digital advertising, Digital marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing campaigns, Marketing consultancy, Social media marketing, Website design and development

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