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Vello, a start-up enterprise, needed help with their marketing plan, corporate branding, website, marketing collateral, and digital marketing strategy.

Vello, an ambitious start-up enterprise with green credentials, needed marketing support to launch their start-up company. They needed a marketing plan and corporate branding. They also needed to work with an integrated London marketing agency with the skills to build a user-friendly website, and then to develop a suite of sales and marketing collateral. They also needed a digital marketing strategy to generate leads once they were up and running.

Vello provides a plumbing, boiler and heating repair service to domestic customers located in and around central London. Their unique point of difference is that service engineers travel around London on Brompton bikes, which is great for the environment and provides a nippy service too, as they can catch the tube order to get to the next job as quickly as possible. They carry all the tools they need in their saddle bags, which allows them to fix about 75% of all jobs within an hour. If they need extra support or materials, an electric van is deployed to finish things off.

The first stage in the process was a briefing by the client. We helped them to develop their business proposition. We researched the marketplace to see what their competitors were doing. We facilitated a workshop to discuss customer segments and product features. We brainstormed internally to identify customer pain points in order to develop hard-hitting messaging.

We came up with their trading name, Vello, a derivative of ‘bicycle’ in French and ‘speed’ in Italian. It is also a word that sounds friendly and memorable, like “hello”, and it was easy to find a cost-effective URL solution, because it is quite an unusual five-letter word. We then trademarked both the name and logo for the UK marketplace. The client agreed with our proposal to develop an identity that would allow them to grow or franchise their brand in different regions of the UK.

We developed three concepts and developed the chosen theme in close partnership with the client. We built their website from scratch, providing various creative services, including graphic design and copywriting. We created an animated video and delivered onsite SEO, having previously identified the primary keywords we wished to focus on.

We designed and printed all their sales collateral and marketing materials – brochures, leaflets, uniforms, van livery, signage and stationery. These were defined in the stakeholder communication strategy we developed during the marketing planning process. We created brand guidelines and a logo and icon pack to ensure a consistent visual style was maintained whenever they created new sales and marketing materials.

We developed an integrated digital marketing strategy that included short-term, medium-term and long-term lead generation campaign strategies, tactics and activities. We also created a bowtie marketing strategy that required them to invest in a CRM system and marketing automation platform in order to create a sales pipeline process that maximised prospect lead conversion and customer lifetime value.

Vello marketing strategy

“I could not recommend Abacus highly enough – passionate, professional and personable. They turned our idea into a reality. We appreciate all their help and support. We couldn’t have done it without them!”

Hannah Rossi

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