The Lovely Clinic

The Lovely Clinic, an ambitious SME operating within the health and beauty sector, needed marketing support to develop their brand, build a website and create a brochure.

Dr Sarah Tonks, the owner of The Lovely Clinic, an ambitious SME operating within the health and beauty sector, was looking for a marketing agency in London and found Abacus Marketing. Sarah’s challenge was that she needed to identify key messages that resonated with her core audience segments in order to provide the brand direction she needed to create content for her website.

To generate the right messaging, we first of all needed to create the basic framework of a strategic brand proposition. And to do this, we had to create an outline marketing plan. And to be able to do this, we needed to have a clear understanding of the overall business proposition and its financial goals. Therefore, we arranged a series of workshops with Sarah to discuss her business plans, the services she offered and the types of customers she treated. This enabled us to identify three factors which combined to create the overall value proposition delivered by The Lovely Clinic. We then created a brand promise, vision, mission, corporate purpose, elevator pitch, tone of voice, core values and key messaging.

We were then asked to create a customer brochure to promote all her products and services. TLC provides a wide range of services, including wrinkle-relaxing treatments (aka Botox) and dermal fillers. Our copywriter worked closely with Sarah to create content for the brochure. We also took a close look at competitor websites to find out what they were doing, in order to see what ideas we could emulate and improve upon. We engaged a talented illustrator to develop graphics to populate the brochure with, as we didn’t want to use photos of people having needles stuck in them. Our creative director developed concept visuals and our design studio provided graphic design and artwork to create press ready files. We managed the print production process too.

Things went so well that Sarah asked us to build her website – this was a relatively simple project, as we were able to use the base copy created for the brochure as the starting point for the website. We also used the illustrations and the overall design style. We optimised the onsite SEO and the website appeared on the first page of Google for certain keywords within a month.

The Lovely Clinic brand strategy

“I’ve been working with Abacus for a few months now and have recommended several colleagues to use them. Their work has been exceptional and quick. They have bent over backwards to fulfil my requests and put so much effort into the work. I’m very pleased and will continue to use them. If you are looking for marketing, branding, design, a website or copywriting, I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Dr Sarah Tonks
The Lovely Clinic

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