Tesco, a national supermarket chain, wanted to outsource sales and marketing for their B2B gift voucher business. Our strategy grew sales by 250% over a three-year period.

Tesco, a national supermarket chain, needed to outsource the sales and marketing for their B2B gift voucher business as they did not have the internal resources in place to deliver it themselves and had no desire to invest in the infrastructure to be able to do so. They searched for a marketing company London who could deliver an integrated marketing campaign.

This was actually a rather unique project. As far as Tesco’s B2B gift voucher customers were concerned, we were Tesco. As an agency, we had never provided this sort of offering before, but that did not deter us. We were confident that we could deliver a high quality service to both existing and prospective customers.

The process began by analysing two sets of data provided by Tesco – address details and sales orders. In fact, we had to build an app that allowed us to combine this information and build in functionality to update the database whenever we received a fresh dataset from the client.

We found out some interesting things about their target market when we took a closer look at this data. We were able to define four distinct audience types. We created targeted campaigns, which we delivered at different times of the year as appropriate to each customer type’s buying patterns. Campaign activities included press advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and taking a stand at a consumer exhibition (we designed, built and manned the exhibition stand too). We developed a large database of high quality prospects from all these activities, to whom we sent out regular communications at key points we had identified during their buying cycle. We constantly evaluated the performance of the campaign activities to finetune the strategy for each audience in order to deliver the best possible results.

We created a customer presentation, brochures and leaflets for engagement with each of the key audience profiles– corporate clients using them for employee benefit schemes, organisations purchasing them seasonally as a convenient alternative to giving out hampers for Christmas, and marketing agencies, who bought them on behalf of their clients as a media for sales promotion campaigns.

We were also responsible for communicating with Tesco’s existing B2B gift voucher customers. We tiered these clients according to volume and potential, and agreed a tailored service offering with Tesco based on this tiering. We then provided outbound support in the form of face-to-face meetings, telephone calls and email communications – of course, we were always happy to speak on the phone or meet up with a prospect if a commercial opportunity presented itself. We were permitted to negotiate rebates with customers on behalf of Tesco within pre-agreed parameters. Our strategy grew gift voucher sales by 250% over a three year period.

Tesco marketing strategy

“A great strategy that was perfectly delivered. They worked really hard to support us, and were very professional and easy to deal with. It’s been a pleasure.”

Dianne Jenkins
Marketing Manager

Marketing company London

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