Tech Data

Tech Data

We helped this large IT distributor to increase engagement levels with channel partners, culminating in better attendance at training events than had previously been achieved.

Tech Data (previously known as Azlan) is one of the world’s largest IT distribution companies. All their people are constantly busy and under the extreme pressure to deliver a number of projects at the same. They like to work with top marketing firms London who they can rely upon to just get on and do it. And that’s what we did. We were commissioned to deliver email marketing support.

We immersed ourselves in the subject matter relating to each brief. As Tech Data work in partnership with a number of global software vendors, we always needed to learn quickly about a wide range of products and services. It was a significant benefit that we had gained a good understanding of how channel marketing works within the technology sector, due to our long-term relationships with IBM and other IT clients over the years.

Our creative directors developed designs for email newsletters and splash pages, and our copywriting team created content in double quick time. Our developers wrote code for campaign assets (email templates and splash pages), and emails were dispatched to relevant databases in the most optimal way possible, which we found out through an ongoing process of testing. The results indicated high open and clickthrough rates by recipients, leading to an increase in attendance at product training workshops, seminars and webinars. Our project management team made sure we always delivered work on time and on budget. Our strategic marketing consultants helped out with suggestions and ideas on how to improve performance whenever the opportunity arose.

Tech Data

“Highly recommended. Abacus were really easy to deal with. I’m so busy that I need to work with competent marketing agencies I can trust to just get on with a job.”

Gemma Stannett
Marketing Manager
Tech Data

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