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P&G wanted to share market research insights into buying behaviours with their beauty consultants, to improve customer interaction and sales conversion.

The training team at P&G, a global consumer goods organisation, wanted to share helpful insights with their global external beauty consultant sales channel in order to improve the quality of customer interactions and – ultimately – to increase sales.

These insights were generated from a market research report they had previously commissioned into consumer buying behaviour for their fragrance brand division. This identified three key customer persona types. They looked for a London marketing agency and chose us to deliver the project in conjunction with their event management partner.

We were given lots of detailed documents to read, and challenged to turn this information into a cohesive presentation that could be used by any training manager in the UK, regardless of whether they were training 10 beauty consultants for an hour, or 100 for a day. The challenge was to make sure all training managers delivered the same message, but to allow an opportunity for personalisation.

That meant we needed to create a presentation that could be tailored to the specific needs of the individual training manager in any given situation. The full presentation ran to 150 pages. We developed content for each and every slide. We broke it down into sections to make it easy to navigate. We added graphics, photos and videos to make the presentation as interesting as possible. We created an overarching theme and developed a visual style to match. The presentation was built in such a way that it would display properly on all laptops and PCs regardless of their age, size and operating system. We supplied each training manager with an ‘install and play’ guide and a back-up copy of the presentation on an external drive.

Training videos were filmed at P&G’s global training centre in Geneva, and a sales training expert was engaged to analyse interactions between customers and staff. We created a presentation support manual filled with helpful notes for each slide, so there was no danger of any trainer not understanding the context of slide content. The back end of the presentation included certificates of attendance, which could be filled in manually or digitally and given to delegates attending the session as informal accreditation.

We visualised how the room could be dressed up for both smaller and larger groups of delegates. We provided a document to explain how to set up the room, with ideas for how to run workshop sessions to encourage greater participation.

The presentation went down so well that everyone wanted it. We managed the translation process into Spanish for the South American marketplace, and it was translated by the client for use across many areas of the Asia Pacific region. The English version was used in North America and Australasia.

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“Very impressive work. The presentation was well received by everyone who saw it – not just by our training managers in the UK, but also by training peers around the world. We were impressed with how they were able to take on board so much information in such a short period of time. The creative work was great, as was the tech solution. The turnaround time was astonishing.”

Debbie Lynch
Training Manager

London marketing agency

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