Paolo Marchetti Interiors

Paolo Marchetti Interiors

Paolo Marchetti Interiors, a bespoke fitted furniture company, were pulling their hair out, having failed to achieve success with other marketing agencies. Fortunately, we managed to achieve their goals.

Paolo Marchetti Interiors, a bespoke fitted furniture company, were getting a bit frustrated, having failed to achieve any significant sales success with a number of other London marketing agencies. They asked Abacus Marketing if we believed we could deliver their goals. We said we could – and we did. Within 18 months, we had quadrupled sales leads for exactly the same budget, and this led to a 50% increase in sales volumes.

Paolo Marchetti has retail outlets in Hampstead Heath and Tottenham Court Road. We were commissioned to deliver the same digital marketing plan as previous marketing agencies – digital advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing – but to do so with a more effective strategy to deliver a better outcome.

Our solution delivered twice as much traffic for the same budget. We achieved this by analysing the performance of over 20,000 potential keywords. We finetuned these down significantly over a period of time by constantly testing to see which ones delivered the best google Ad results for the lowest costs and then seeing which ones delivered the most leads.

Our search engine optimisation strategy managed to double traffic too. We achieved this result by starting off with a very small number of keywords (less than 10) which we expanded over time to a much larger number (more than 200). We used data from the digital advertising campaigns to work out which keywords delivered the best quality traffic. Most of them were long tail keywords which delivered high-quality low-volume traffic which led to quicker results because they were less competitive.

Our social media strategy was not directly concerned with lead generation. Rather, the aim was to build a high-quality audience of people interested in relevant related topics (such as furniture, art, lifestyle, design…) and to position Paolo Marchetti as being passionate about these things. This approach provided tangible benefits in supporting the SEO strategy, as well as developing trust amongst site visitors, many of whom signed up to one or more social platforms.

We identified a number of user experience issues with their website, and the client asked us to build them a new website with a greater depth of content and a more logical navigational structure. This led to twice as many conversions from traffic generated via our digital marketing activities.

We were also commissioned to deliver a market research project, which included a review of the UK retail sector, a look at the state of the furniture industry, an analysis of competitor websites, mystery shopping activities, staff interviews, focus groups and an online questionnaire aimed at the target market demographic. This provided us with lots of insights into buying behaviours and customer segments that enabled us to finetune messaging on the website and improve the targeting of our digital marketing campaigns.

We were engaged to create various sales support collateral too, such as a suite of product brochures – these were added to the website to improve user experience and provide an SEO benefit.

Paolo Marchetti Interiors

“The team at Abacus were a real pleasure to work with. They impressed us with their passion and enthusiasm, and we really felt as if we were working with virtual members of our marketing team. The results speak for themselves. Highly recommended.”

Alexey Nagaitsev
Marketing Director
Paolo Marchetti Interiors

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