Optimal Data

Optimal Data

Optimal Data, a document management company, were frustrated in their attempts to both generate sales leads and convert them. They asked us to solve their headache.

Optimal Data, a document management company, were frustrated in their attempts to not only generate high quality sales leads, but also to convert a good proportion of these leads into paying customers. They looked for a marketing agency in London to solve this challenge and found Abacus Marketing. After a two-hour chemistry meeting, during which we discussed their problems and explained the approach we would take to overcome them, they appointed us to develop a marketing plan and corporate branding.

We established that they had tried various lead generation activities in the past without success. Telesales did not work. Their Google Ads campaigns delivered traffic, but, with an average CPC in the region of £15 per click, it just did not make commercial sense to continue in this vein with their monthly budget as much of the clicks seemed to come from suppliers, recruiters and competitors rather than genuine potential customers. Email marketing campaigns using purchased data from third party sources had little effect too.

We analysed competitor websites to generate insights that we used to inform our recommendations. We researched keywords within the sector to find the most cost-effective options. We created customer profiles and identified key market challenges – for instance, their industry is perceived as offering a highly commoditised service, where it is difficult to interpret meaningful differences between two competitors, and the market is therefore largely price-led. Our research identified that good branding and strong messaging, along with easy navigation and relevant content on their website, could lead to a significant improvement in lead conversion. We also saw an opportunity to develop trust with prospects through the creation of client case studies and testimonials.

The first step in the process was to modernise their logo and branding, followed by the development of a contemporary new website and the creation of professional sales collateral. We developed three creative concepts for their new logo and design style, and worked in close partnership with the client to develop their preferred route. We supplied logo and icon packs at the completion of this process, as well as a brand handbook to guide future creative development.

We positioned the company as “the paper to data people” and communicated their offer as being one that delivered an added value integrated document management service. We created a value add service proposition based on five key factors that we knew would appeal to the target. We created an engaging brand story to help the company to stand out from the crowd. We developed a “quick quote” facility to provide web visitors with instant estimates – apart from providing potential customers with helpful information, the tool captured contact details to support ongoing business development activities.

In terms of lead generation, we recommended a triage of social media, SEO and content to deliver long-term cost-effective benefits. Medium term sales were generated through ongoing email marketing engagement with prospective customers. Short term sales were delivered via tactical digital advertising campaigns focusing on longtail keywords that were significantly cheaper than the most popular keywords they used up to this point. Remarketing and network advertising using lookalike profiles also delivered ongoing lead burst opportunities.

Optimal Data

“We were very impressed with the marketing plan Abacus delivered – it really helped us to understand what we needed to do to solve our sales-related challenges. We also loved the corporate branding they created for us.”

Kevin Anderson
Managing Director
Optimal Data

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