One Trust - Strategic Marketing Plan And Brand Proposition

One Trust

OneTrust were transitioning from the public sector to the third sector to safeguard their day care services. We delivered a marketing plan and corporate brand proposition to help them to do so.

OneTrust, a day care centre for adults with learning difficulties, were in the process of transitioning from the public sector to the not-for-profit third sector as a social enterprise, to safeguard essential services from ongoing cuts to local authority budgets. They searched for marketing agencies in London and Abacus was commissioned to create a marketing plan and corporate branding, including a strategic brand proposition and a creative brand proposition.

First of all, we read their business plan, so we had a good foundation to work on in terms of our understanding of what the organisation’s purpose and goals were. We visited their main day care centre as well as their four local hubs to see for ourselves how they operated. We researched the marketplace to find insights and ideas from other day care centres providing similar services. We interviewed the management team and key members of staff on an individual basis to establish their thoughts, views and concerns. This helped us to understand the key challenges that needed to be addressed, the main issues burning in people’s minds, and the key aspirations for the future from a number of different perspectives. We held a series of workshops with key stakeholders to develop a robust marketing plan as efficiently and effectively as possible.

At the first of these workshops, we analysed marketplace competitors, product features and service benefits. We discussed their target market profiles in terms of psychographics and demographics to build a picture of their customer base for market segmentation and messaging purposes. At the second workshop, we agreed the new trading name and developed the strategic brand proposition, which allowed us to create key messages about the organisation and its services. The third workshop outlined the stakeholder marketing communication platforms they required, and the fourth and final session identified the most effective sales and marketing activities they would need to invest in to generate leads to fill their sales pipeline. We also looked for opportunities for them to optimise the lifetime value of customers. We provided budget estimates and timetables to deliver the marketing plan too.

We then moved on to the creative brand proposition – this involved the development of three brand concepts for the client to choose from, and we worked in close partnership with them to develop their overall identity, and then created design styles for the website, stationery, brochure, folder and vehicle livery.


“The board have been very impressed with all the work that Abacus has delivered, and are in full agreement with the recommendations outlined in the marketing plan. We are also delighted with our new branding.”

Louise Hayes
Director of Operations

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