Land Rover

Land Rover

Land Rover run various channel marketing activities to communicate, educate and motivate their dealer sales channel network. We helped to deliver all these activities.

Land Rover is a global automotive giant. They looked for London marketing companies and asked us to deliver various channel marketing communication activities, including group incentive travel and live events to motivate their dealer network. Land Rover recognised the need to develop strong relationships with their sales channel – not just through commissions and profits, but also in more visible and motivational ways.

There is a general rule that the top 20% of performers account for 80% of performance, and we found this to be the case – not just with Land Rover, but with all the blue chip clients for whom we have delivered similar programmes over the years.

Our solution ensured that Land Rover did not just reward individuals – the programmes also recognised the importance of incentivising the efforts of the whole dealership team. Dealership principals, sales managers, parts managers and service managers – plus all their staff – were encouraged to improve performance in three key areas: sales, customer service and product knowledge. We used sales data to reward sales performance, mystery shoppers to evaluate customer service, and knowledge testing to check up on how well their educational programmes were performing. We created newsletters to communicate performance and maintain focus on core products with the entire dealer network on a regular basis throughout the year.

Every individual performance was rewarded in some way, and the top performers (both individuals and teams) over a quarter or a year were recognised in a more substantial way, such as by earning a place at a prestigious event either domestically in the UK or in some foreign location. Sometimes, partners would be invited along, especially if the event took place over a weekend or overseas, to recognise the important support role they provided.

We were also commissioned to deliver a series of ride and drive events across the UK, where customer-facing staff got the chance to physically assess competitor vehicles to see for themselves how Land Rover compared with the competition. This approach worked really well at bringing unspoken fears into the open – needless to say, many of them proved to be unfounded.

Highlights of our time working with Land Rover included the delivery of big budget events at prestigious locations around the UK, which allowed our design studio’s creative juices to really flow, and group travel trips to luxury destinations around Europe. These experiences helped to cement powerful relationships between Land Rover and their dealers.

Land Rover

“Very impressed with the whole team. Great fun to work with, extremely professional, highly responsive, and very passionate about everything they do.”

David Bright
Operations Manager
Land Rover

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