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IFF Research

IFF Research, an ambitious market research company, wanted to generate sales leads for their Business Omnibus product, which provided a high-quality, cost-effective market research solution.This product was designed to cater to a diverse range of business needs, providing insightful data and analysis at a fraction of the typical cost. To achieve this, IFF Research employed innovative digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and effectively communicate the unique benefits of their Business Omnibus product.

IFF Research is an ambitious independent market research company based in London. They wanted to increase sales of Business Omnibus, an innovative product that delivered a high quality market research solution for clients on a budget. They searched for marketing agencies London and found Abacus.

We followed up on a detailed client briefing session with one-to-one interviews with key members of staff, and facilitated an internal group workshop to brainstorm ideas. This gave us a much deeper understanding of the omnibus’s features and benefits, and core audience segments, as well as useful insights into their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. We manually and technically researched the marketplace to establish the digital marketing strategies employed by the marketplace. We identified the pain points of customers and created benefit-led messaging that demonstrated  a solution to their problems.

We worked in close collaboration with the client to develop and deliver a successful marketing strategy. It involved significant changes to the overall business proposition. We came up with a new name (Business Spotlight) to give their omnibus product more standout, and designed a new logo that fitted in with their overall corporate branding. We designed a new webpage and added fresh assets – including a video, brochure, timing plans, pricing and case studies – that we knew would be helpful to prospective clients. The webpage was optimised with all the important keywords for SEO purposes.

Finally, we launched a series of lead generation activities, including social media marketing, content marketing, digital advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO), supported by the setting up of an internal CRM system to manage the lead generation process. We implemented a number of web reporting tools to analysis campaign performance, including software that identified specific companies who visited the Business Spotlight webpage.

Results compared favourably with previous campaigns. All our activities had the additional benefit of helping to raise the profile of IFF Research as a whole. We now provide web support and web hosting on an ongoing basis.

IFF Research

“I was very impressed with Abacus both strategically and creatively. Everything they did was delivered to a very high standard, and they were great fun to work with too. They listened to our needs and understood our challenges – and gave us a solution that delivered the best possible outcome.”

Jan Shury
Managing Director
IFF Research

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