IDT Finance

IDT Finance embarked on an ambitious mission: to introduce the first-ever over-the-counter prepaid MasterCard in the UK market. With a substantial launch budget exceeding £1,000,000, the stakes were high. Recognising the groundbreaking nature of this endeavour, our team was called upon to ensure its success. Drawing upon our expertise and innovative marketing strategies, we worked closely with IDT Finance to develop and execute a comprehensive launch plan that not only met but surpassed their targets.
From crafting compelling marketing campaigns to forging strategic partnerships, every aspect of our approach was carefully tailored to maximise impact and drive widespread adoption of the prepaid MasterCard. Thanks to our collaborative efforts, IDT Finance achieved their objectives, cementing their position as pioneers in the financial sector.

IDT is a leader in mobile phone card technology. Due to a rapid decline in sales, they decided to try their luck in the prepaid credit card marketplace. They created IDT Finance and built a business case to launch the first over-the-counter prepaid MasterCard in the UK. They looked for a marketing agency in London to help them to do so.

First off, we developed a marketing plan. We demonstrated how the prepaid MasterCard provided a range of benefits to different target markets. We held focus groups with various customer segments to better understand their needs. We built a website and created product packaging and retail point of sale packs. We helped to train and support the CTN sell-in team too.

We achieved coverage within 15,000 PayPoint and ePay retailers located across the UK in three months, higher than the targets we were set. Advertising activities included a targeted door drop campaign in all major cities, London tube advertising, six-sheet posters across the UK, regional radio and national press. Fresh campaigns were launched throughout the year as additional product features were added to the mix.

The campaign was a huge success – sales of Prime Card over-achieved the targets outlined in the business plan, the launch campaign won a financial services industry award for marketing excellence, and we were reappointed to work on lead generation for another year.

IDT Finance

“The whole team was a pleasure to work with. They are reliable, delivering quality work on time; energetic and enthusiastic; and very good with people. They are problem solvers – willing to find solutions for business and marketing challenges – and excellent at managing client relationships. They combine an impressive background in marketing and communications with a commercial pragmatism, appreciating the important balance between creative thinking and commercial realities. I look forward to working with them again.”

Jamie King
Managing Director
IDT Finance

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