Creative Brand Proposition For Home Learning College

Home Learning College

Home Learning College, recognised as one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of online education and training, faced a critical need to refresh and modernise the appearance and design of their training course booklets. By integrating a new creative brand proposition, they aimed to revitalise their educational materials, aligning them with contemporary design standards and reinforcing their brand identity in a competitive landscape. This update was essential to maintain their competitive edge in the digital education market and to ensure that their course materials remained engaging, visually appealing, and conducive to effective learning for their diverse student base.

Home Learning College, widely regarded as one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most prominent online training providers, recognised the necessity of addressing student retention challenges. To combat high cancellation rates and enhance overall retention levels among their student body, they identified a critical need to refresh and modernise the look and feel of their training course booklets. Understanding the importance of high-quality, engaging educational materials in student satisfaction and retention, they embarked on a search for a reputable marketing firm in London. This search led them to discover Abacus, a well-regarded firm known for its expertise in creative and impactful marketing solutions.

This project centred on a focused design brief, allowing our creative team to take the lead from the start. Our designers developed several concepts for Home Learning College to consider, refining the chosen design until it met the client’s approval. We then applied this design to all training course booklets, ensuring a cohesive visual identity across all materials and reinforcing the organisation’s professional image.

To enhance usability, we introduced a color coding system and used library images to differentiate course subjects. This approach made the booklets more navigable and engaging for students. The result was a set of modern, professional, and organised training materials that supported Home Learning College’s goals of improving student retention and satisfaction, helping them maintain a competitive edge in the online education market.

The collaboration between Home Learning College and Abacus proved to be a strategic and successful initiative. By allowing the creative team at Abacus to take the lead from the outset, Home Learning College was able to explore a variety of innovative design concepts that ultimately revitalised their training course booklets. The final design not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing set of materials. This new design employed colour coding and library images to clearly differentiate between core subjects, further enhancing the user experience. As a result, Home Learning College strengthened its professional image and provided students with high-quality, engaging educational materials, ultimately contributing to improved retention rates and a reduction in cancellations. This initiative underscored the importance of investing in professional design services to maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic field of online education.

Home Learning College

“Excellent creative work – very pleased with the outcome.”

James Murphy
Home Learning College


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