Hamptons, a leading residential property company, needed marketing support to generate sales leads for local branches.

Hamptons International is a leading residential property company. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, combined with a slowdown in property sales due to political and economic uncertainty, they decided that they needed to provide additional marketing support for their local branches to help them to generate fresh leads to fuel their sales pipelines. The requirement was simple – create cost-effective leaflets that could be posted through letterboxes or handed to branch visitors. They searched for a London marketing firm and found Abacus.

Our marketing team led the planning process, which began as always with a client briefing followed by market research. We brainstormed ideas and generated a number of insights that informed the creative process.

Our studio team took over, developing a suite of concepts that sat within an overarching design template. This allowed local branches to personalise messaging and styling on the front cover to their own specific needs, while ensuring they were always in line with corporate brand guidelines. This had the added benefit of making sure any customers visiting different branches across the UK received a cohesive brand experience. We used a graphical device based on a local theme for each leaflet – such as using the Thames as a design feature for branches located within their Thames Valley region.

The activity was so successful that we were asked to create sales brochures on an ad hoc basis for high-end properties that their local branches were commissioned to sell.


“Abacus is a highly professional marketing company, and I have always been impressed with their strategic process, creative flair and overall attitude – they are hardworking, skilled, and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Sadie King
Sales Manager
Hamptons International


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