Integrated Marketing Campaign For First Assist

First Assist

FirstAssist, an insurance broker, decided it was time to update their corporate branding, build a new website and launch an integrated marketing campaign.

FirstAssist is an insurance broker. They needed to increase sales, and identified that their current sales collateral and marketing strategy were letting them down. They decided it was time to update their corporate branding and build a new website, with better content and improved navigation to deliver an enhanced customer experience. They also wanted an integrated marketing campaign to provide lead generation activities to fill their sales pipeline. They searched for a marketing firm in London and found Abacus.

We dove deep into understanding the challenges and pain points faced by customers, crafting messaging that would truly resonate with their hearts and minds. We didn’t stop there; we meticulously outlined the unique benefits of FirstAssist’s products, ensuring they would shine brightly amidst the competition. And when it came to defining FirstAssist’s corporate identity, we made sure every detail reflected their values and aspirations. Our efforts weren’t just about reaching audiences; they were about forging genuine connections, whether with customers, partners, or stakeholders. And through it all, we pinpointed the most effective media channels to ensure our message hit home with the right people at the right time.

Our creative team devised three brand concepts and we developed the chosen route in partnership with the client. We built a new user-friendly website, which featured an online catalogue of brochures showcasing their product range, and we implemented an on-page SEO strategy. The project included the design and print of a suite of product leaflets, corporate brochure, stationery pack and exhibition stand. We also created PowerPoint templates, so that their sales teams could create bespoke slides for customer presentations.

Customer acquisition activities included direct marketing, digital advertising, email marketing and press advertising. These campaigns drove traffic to their website and call centre. Response levels increased significantly in comparison with previous campaigns, and onsite web metrics demonstrated much higher levels of engagement with site visitors, with lower bounce rates and longer dwell times than had previously been achieved.

In wrapping up, our collaboration with FirstAssist has been a journey of transformation and growth. We’ve worked hand in hand to revitalise their brand identity, refine their online presence and invigorate their marketing strategies. By diving deep into their needs and aspirations, we’ve crafted solutions that resonate with their audience and drive tangible results. Together, we’ve witnessed the positive impact of our efforts, from increased website traffic to more meaningful customer engagements.


“We were really impressed with the quality of their work. They took time to understand our needs and delivered excellent results, working in close partnership with me at all times.”

Peter Underwood
Marketing Manager

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