Marketing Campaign To Improve The Service For ESSO


Esso wished to launch a channel marketing campaign to improve the service being offered by their frontline staff serving customers at UK forecourts. We achieved impressive enrolment and participation, and customer service levels rose steadily during the campaign.

Esso wanted to launch a customer service campaign aimed at improving the standard of customer care delivered by 6,000 staff working at 600 forecourts across the UK. They searched for a marketing company in London and we won the pitch based on the quality of our strategic thinking, creative concepts and proactive attitude towards making their budget work as hard as possible.

One of the key insights we gained from our research was that there are two distinct types of cashier who work in their forecourts – those who work on a temporary basis for less than six months, and those who are extremely loyal and work there for more than six years. Therefore, we developed a two-pronged strategy to meet the needs of these two audience groups.

The overriding concept was simple. We called the campaign CustomerWatch to correlate with Esso’s through-the-line PriceWatch consumer campaign. WATCH was an acronym for five simple concepts we wished cashiers to think about when serving customers – “Welcome. Attitude. Thoughtfulness. Consideration. Helpfulness.”

One of the keys to the success of this campaign was that we need to maximise registration – we used a variety of techniques to achieve 90% enrolment within a month of launch. Not only that, but our campaign strategy delivered participation levels of 75%.

We made customer service relevant, fun and engaging. We kept it simple for transitory workers, and we offered additional challenges for long-term staff that allowed them to win higher value rewards of an aspirational nature – such as attendance at red carpet cinema launch events.

In addition to scratch cards and newsletters, we orchestrated a series of promotional events designed to maintain excitement and engagement among Esso’s frontline staff. These events served as opportunities for team building, skill enhancement, and recognition of outstanding performance. Moreover, we implemented educational quizzes to reinforce key customer service principles and ensure that staff remained informed and motivated. Through these interactive initiatives, we not only sustained the momentum of the CustomerWatch campaign but also fostered a culture of continuous learning and improvement within Esso’s forecourt teams. Additionally, our monthly newsletter served as a vital communication tool, not only highlighting top performers but also disseminating important corporate messages and providing updates on product news and industry developments. This comprehensive approach ensured that staff remained connected, informed, and inspired to deliver exceptional service at every opportunity.

By tailoring our approach to address the distinct needs of Esso’s diverse cashier workforce, we fostered a culture of excellence and dedication to customer service. Through innovative engagement tactics and ongoing support, we not only achieved remarkable enrollment and participation rates but also witnessed a tangible improvement in customer service levels across Esso’s forecourts. This campaign exemplifies our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that drive meaningful change and elevate the customer experience.


“Great campaign. Highly impressed.”

Trevor Baker
Senior Training Manager

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