Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer needed promotional point of sale campaign concepts to persuade retailers in the UK and Europe to stock their merchandise.

We were commissioned by the Dora the Explorer team to develop promotional point of sale concepts to encourage large retailers in the UK and Europe to stock Dora the Explorer merchandise across their store networks. They searched for marketing agencies London and found Abacus.

We provided sales teams with a presentation toolkit showcasing several campaign concepts – the purpose of the toolkit was to demonstrate to their customers that Dora the Explorer would work in partnership with each retailer to create a bespoke solution when it came to point of sale promotional activities.

We held focus groups with the target market to find out what they had to say. We used mystery shoppers to find out what other companies were doing. We learned everything we could about the Dora the Explorer brand. And then we sat down and brainstormed for hours.

We came up with three campaign concepts that reinforced positive behaviour, such as the achievement of key milestones in a child’s formative years. We always ensured that our ideas were aligned with Dora brand values. We visualised each of these themes to demonstrate what promotional point of sale kits would look like in-store, and created a presentation toolkit used by sales teams across Europe to discuss promotional ideas with their customers, in order to agree a win-win solution.

We developed ideas for a Dora’s World social media platform, where parents could safely and securely share personal memories with their family and friends. We proposed a shopping mall experiential event to promote the Dora brand to potential customers. And we identified a number of third-party opportunities to create an Explorer’s Club loyalty scheme with membership benefits.

Dora the Explorer integrated marketing

“Impressive concepts. We appreciated the effort they put into the project – they went way beyond the scope outlined in the brief to demonstrate their strategic thinking and creative flair.”

Sarah Taylor
Marketing Manager
Dora the Explorer

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