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BT’s challenge? To keep thousands of sales reps up to date without blowing the budget. Our quarterly internal communication programme won an internal comms award.

BT asked us to deliver an internal communication programme aimed at 15,000 customer-facing employees. The challenge was to make sure that key sales messages cascaded down through the organisation as effectively and efficiently as possible. Not easy for a company as large and diverse as BT. But, working in close partnership with their training team, that’s exactly what we did.

Every quarter, the sales focus would shift, as BT brought out new products and services they wanted inbound sales representatives to discuss with customers when they rang up BT with some form of a problem. Issue resolution not only provided BT with an opportunity to sort out a customer complaint, but also to turn a negative experience into a positive one. This in turn meant that a fair number of people were happy to listen when a customer service representative asked them if they were happy to hear a little bit more about a new service or product that would be of benefit.

Every quarter, we received a fresh briefing by the UK training team on the hot topics to focus on. We created a corporate video hosted by an up-and-coming TV presenter, who would interview senior people within the organisation about the overall business strategy and the key areas of focus. The film would be used by training managers across the UK to ensure that a consistent message was cascaded down through the organisation via a series of workshops.

We created a training support presentation which deep-dived into the detail about the key messages highlighted in the corporate film. The content was supplied by the client, and it was our creative team’s job to make it slick and professional. We also produced various materials – lanyards, pens, mugs, coasters, and wallet cards – to reinforce headline news. All content was hosted on their intranet too, so there was no excuse for anyone not to know.

We developed an interactive knowledge-testing app. This highly-creative educational tool made learning an engaging, fun and potentially rewarding experience. BT tracked usage stats to make sure that every single one of their 15,000 employees providing customer service and sales support completed the quiz. If they did not get full marks, they had to go back in and redo it until they did. Everyone who got full marks on their first attempt was entered into a free prize draw for the opportunity to win a number of travel and event experiences, such as an all-expenses-paid long weekend staying in a five-star spa hotel.

Our integrated communication programme delivered the goods. It helped BT’s training team to ensure that all relevant staff had complete clarity on corporate goals each quarter. BT asked that all staff provided anonymised feedback each quarter. Satisfaction levels rose from 75% to 90% in the first year we ran the programme, and slowly increased to 95% over a three year period. In fact, the campaign was so successful that it won an internal comms award.

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“We absolutely loved working with them. They felt like a virtual extension of our team, and always went the extra mile to deliver a best-in-class outcome. They helped us to step up programme performance by a significant degree, more than we thought possible at the time, and they did it for the same budget level as before they took over.”

Beverley Grainger
Training Manager

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