Strategic And Creative Marketing Support for Braun & Oral-B

Braun and Oral-B

For five years in a row, our strategic and creative marketing support helped Braun and Oral-B to achieve unprecedented levels of delegate satisfaction at a Boots sales training event.

P&G are so huge they need no introduction. We were appointed by their event management company to provide strategic and creative marketing support for a sales training event aimed at Boots electrical beauty consultants. The goal was to promote the key features and benefits of a number of electrical products made by two of P&G’s global brands – Braun and Oral-B.

Every year, Boots run a week-long sales training event, attended by hundreds of retail consultants who work in their retail stores around the UK. All key suppliers of beauty-related electrical goods are invited to showcase their hero products to delegates, so that key information is front-of-mind in the all-important pre-Christmas sales period (which accounts for about half of annual sales). For Braun, this meant men’s electric shavers and female hair removal products. For Oral-B, they wished to highlight the features and benefits of their award-winning range of electric toothbrushes.

We were fully involved from start to finish, working closely with all stakeholders to deliver an exciting creative concept that delivered strategic goals. Each year, we had to create an exciting new theme to ensure we stood out in the minds of delegates – who had to sit through many supplier presentations, like a sheep dip experience, one after the other throughout the day. We are proud to say that we always received the best possible feedback from those who came to our show.

Our strategy was as simple as it was effective. We always aimed to create a memorable, fun and engaging interactive theme. We focused messaging on the three most important features and benefits for each product. And we made sure delegates had plenty of hands-on time, so they could really get to know the goods, and could ask questions of P&G’s sales training team, who we always made sure attended the event.

We created a slick presentation and appointed a personable host. We kept delegates involved by getting them to work together as a team, asking questions and rewarding everyone in the team for positive engagements. We provided a training support pack for delegates to share back in store with colleagues after the event. Things went so well that we retained the contract for five years.

Braun and Oral-B marketing strategy

“The training sessions were amazingly creative and were always well received by delegates. A very professional team, with great attention to detail. If you are looking for event marketing agencies in London, then you need look no further.”

Lydia Meyler
Marketing Manager

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