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Bloomberg had a vision of gathering energy professionals from across the globe for an annual summit that would spark innovation and collaboration in the industry. Recognizing the importance of a robust marketing strategy to turn this vision into reality, they turned to us for our expertise. With a clear understanding of their goals and target audience, we crafted a comprehensive marketing plan designed to attract delegates and drive engagement. Delegate sign-up targets were met within a month

Bloomberg is a research organisation and Bloomberg NEF is a sub-division that helps energy professionals to create business growth opportunities within the new energy industry, with a focus on the use of environmentally-friendly and sustainable sources of energy. When it came to promoting their annual event and achieving challenging delegate sign-up goals, they knew they needed the expertise of a marketing partner. After a meaningful two-hour meeting where our teams instantly clicked, Bloomberg chose Abacus to lead the charge. They saw in us not just a marketing agency, but a trusted ally ready to bring their vision to life with creativity and dedication.

The project involved working in close partnership with the event marketing team at BNEF, and the first job was to build a website for the summit with a fairly complex range of functional needs in a short space of time. Our creative team visualised an event identity and overarching theme in line with Bloomberg’s brand guidelines, and our web design team built a website that was fit for purpose. We provided face-to-face training, training guides and videos as part of our overall support package to make sure that the client could add, edit and delete content on the website themselves without needing us to help out.

Using our deep understanding of online advertising and email marketing, we crafted a campaign that spoke directly to potential attendees, inviting them to be part of something meaningful. Through thoughtfully written messages and strategic banner placements on trusted industry websites, we sparked curiosity and excitement around the summit. Our goal was simple: to ensure that Bloomberg’s event received the attention it deserved. And it did. By surpassing delegate sign-up targets, we not only helped Bloomberg achieve their goals but also reinforced the summit’s reputation as a must-attend event for energy professionals.


“Working with Abacus was a relly enjoyable experience. Their creativity and professionalism were outstanding, and the results were excellent. They proved themselves to be an invaluable extension to our internal event marketing team. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Vince Russell
Head of Knowledge Management
Bloomberg NEF

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