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Aspire Wellbeing

Aspire Wellbeing, a disability day care centre, needed help with Integrated Marketing Services. We were subsequently asked to join their Advisory Board.

Aspire Wellbeing is a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides day care services for disabled adults living in and around Lambeth. They were looking for London marketing agencies to help them make the transition from the public sector to the third sector, in order to safeguard essential services from local authority budget cuts. Abacus was appointed to deliver a corporate branding solution, build a brand new website and create a suite of professional marketing materials.

The first step in the process was to get to know their business, so we talked to staff and customers. We analysed their business plan to find out what we needed to know about their organisation, and we researched the marketplace to gain insights from competitors working in the same field.

We worked closely with the client to develop a corporate branding package, which included brand guidelines and a logo/icon pack before we built their website, for which we provided a full copywriting and photography service. We provided web training, web maintenance and web hosting services too. We fully optimised the website for SEO purposes when it was launched.

We created various sales and marketing materials, including a brochure, folder, uniforms, signage, stationery, exhibition stand, gazebo, leaflets, presentations, posters, certificates and various promotional items, as well as a suite of Word template forms for them to print off and use internally.

We developed a really close relationship with the management team at Aspire, so it was no surprise when we were asked to join their Advisory Committee, which meets on a quarterly basis to support the directors in the delivery of Aspire Wellbeing’s business objectives.

This rapport culminated in an invitation to join their Advisory Committee, reflecting our shared commitment to advancing their business objectives. Serving on this committee allows us to provide ongoing support and strategic guidance, ensuring that Aspire Wellbeing continues to thrive in its vital role within the community. It’s a privilege to contribute to their ongoing success, knowing that our collective efforts will not only help Aspire Wellbeing thrive but also enrich the lives of those they serve, fostering a stronger, more inclusive community for all.

Aspire Wellbeing

“I could not recommend Abacus Marketing more highly. Their creative work is always favourably commented on by our customers, and we appreciate all the support and advice they freely offer. They are extremely easy people to work with, professional and friendly, and we think of them as virtual members of our team. They have an eye for detail and a passion for marketing. Great energy, enthusiasm and integrity.”

Keith Edmondson
Managing Director
Aspire Wellbeing

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