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I‘d like to go back in time, only about fifteen years or so, and say to someone ‘Yeah, I saw his status update and liked it. Then I poked him and he blocked me’. I’d love to see the expression on that person’s face. Would they wonder what on earth I was talking about? Understanding the digital marketing mix that we now have would of been unpredictable.

Digital Marketing Mix

It’s astonishing to think how rapidly social media has grown up and changed our lives in such a short period of time. It has already become a natural part of daily existence for a large proportion of the UK population. What’s even more important is that it’s adapting and changing on a regular basis – each week, something new is hitting the market. New buttons, new features, new designs, even new platforms. The way in which businesses target potential customers via social media (and digital marketing in general) is developing dynamically and quickly – what was right tomorrow, might be indifferent today and wrong tomorrow.

Those companies which embrace change (rather than reject or ignore it) will achieve a massive competitive advantage. The next twelve months will see significant variations in how digital marketing is delivered – here are three things we think you need to look out for: KEEPING IT REAL – IN REAL TIME 99% of news stories now break on Twitter before the first journalist or camera has pitched up on the scene.

All it takes is one tweet and, before you know it, most of the uncensored globe is aware of the situation. Real-time marketing will soon become de rigueur, with specialised advertising teams scouring the web for popular trends, which they will use to fuel their brands. They will quickly create relevant and interesting campaigns that grab the attention of the marketplace. It’s not that difficult to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry if you want to do so. This is a very useful way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

You will be more likely to be perceived as a consultant partner rather than as an expendable supplier by your clients, and that means more business and a better bottom line. SOUND OFF In its first version, Facebook didn’t even offer the option to upload and share photos, something that is second nature to us now. The next natural step in the evolution of social media will be a massive surge in audiovisual content – it’s happening already, but it’s still early days. Companies that react quickly, regardless of size or market sector, will steal a march on the competition.

Not long rambling advertorial, but short, succinct targeted snippets that get your value-added message across quickly and efficiently. A targeted digital marketing mix of email, SMS, social media tweets and posts, can all develop your reach.

Video hosting is a no-brainer – as Google owns YouTube, that ticks off the SEO box nicely too. DESK-TOPPLE 2015 will be the first time that mobile and tablet usage will overtake PCs and Macs. This is more to do with the huge increase in mobile and notepad usage instead of the reduced use of desktops and laptops.

We all know that PCs and Macs aren’t disappearing from business (not yet anyway). With so much information at their fingertips, it was only a matter of time before advertising entrepreneurs jumped on the bandwagon. With location services and free WiFi readily available, walking into your favourite watering hole might soon mean make it quite normal to receive an instant message informing you about happy hour offers before you’ve even reached the bar. All businesses, regardless of customer profile, need to make sure their websites display properly and function correctly on mobile phones and tablets. If they don’t, they could be losing out on opportunities. Also, if your website is not set up for local searches, you won’t be found by potential customers who are surfing the net on their mobile browsing devices. So there you have it – three trends to look out for in 2015. The most important thing to bear in mind is that there is a huge opportunity out there for businesses which are ready to explore and invest in their digital marketing activities, including responsive websites, SEO and social media.

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