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Looking for one of the best marketing agencies London has to offer?

If so, it goes without saying that you want to work with an agency that delivers great quality work and offers great customer service. But that’s not all. The final piece in the puzzle is great value. For us, value for money is all about creating solutions that deliver effective outcomes for our clients.

Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Simple and transparent

Our rate card is highly competitive, and we achieve this by keeping our overheads low - rather than by settling for anything less than hiring the best people. And all the assets we produce become your property when the project is completed - from a financial perspective, we do everything as fairly and openly as possible.

Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Fixed budgets

We always agree fixed budgets, so there are never any nasty surprises for you to worry about. We understand the pressure you are under to make marketing budgets work as hard as possible. So we do what we can to help.

Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Zero percent mark-up

We work in a totally transparent way. That means we don’t charge a penny of mark-up on any goods and services we source on your behalf, such as printing costs for a brochure, or production costs for an exhibition stand. We don’t charge media handling fees either.

Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Inclusive reporting

We include campaign reporting for free. That’s for any marketing activities we deliver on your behalf. We analyse results, identify issues and make recommendations on an ongoing basis. We’ll hold regular calls so you’re always in the picture too. All for no cost.

Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Going the extra mile

We never stop looking for ways to improve. If we think there is a better way, we’ll do it - without pause or question. And often at our cost too, rather than at yours. In fact, you probably won’t even know we’ve done it. That’s our passion for perfection.

Abacus Integrated Marketing Agency

Versatile approach

Sometimes, the standard financial approach simply doesn’t stack up. If you have big ambitions but don’t have a budget to match, we’ll investigate all the options to find a win-win solution. If you really want to work with us, we’ll move heaven and earth to find a mutually agreeable financial way forward.

The bottom line…

We understand the financial challenges faced by our clients, be they marketing executives working for blue chip corporates, or directors and shareholders of privately-owned SMEs and investor-funded start ups. We all want to be treated with fairness and transparency, and we all like fixed costs and a flexible approach.

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