Great Quality

Our pledge is to provide every single client with a big agency experience without the big agency attitude.

We do this by delivering great quality work, great customer service and great value for money. But what do we mean by great quality and how do we deliver it? Well, all the people at Abacus are experts at what they do, and we also have a systematic planning process in place to ensure that our talented team is always able to deliver the best possible results. That’s the thinking behind our six-stage planning process.

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First, we gather all the information we need to fully understand your needs. This is ideally done face-to-face. The aim is to get a clear view of what you’ve tried in the past, where you are today, where you want to go, and what you want to achieve. You’ll need to tell us all about your business, your products and services, your customers and your competitors.

Quality Marketing agency London


The next stage in the process is a workshop attended by key people in your organisation - to go through all the details in the brief with a fine toothcomb. We’ll ask difficult questions, encourage debate and manage the discussion. This is a great way to find out a huge amount of information to guide strategic recommendations, leading to better quality outcomes.

Quality Marketing agency London


Next, we deep-dive into your marketplace. We’ll analyse your business plan and sales forecasts - and take a close look at your existing sales and marketing collateral. We’ll review competitor websites - both manually and technically. We’ll hold one-to-one interviews with staff and management, and find cost-effective ways to get quality feedback from your customers.

Quality Marketing agency London


Insights may seem random, but they’re always the result of expertise, experience and persistence – and just the right amount of left-field thinking. To generate insights, we hold internal brainstorms, which you’re welcome to attend. We also need to let time work its magic. Some of the best ideas come to mind when you’re least expecting them...

Quality Marketing agency London


Our ability to create high quality solutions that work is a direct result of our experience and knowhow. It’s about knowing what works well – and looking beyond the most obvious answer. It’s intuitive and logical. Head and heart working in close harmony always delivers the best results. Solutions form the bedrock for all the plans and strategies we’ll deploy to achieve your goals.

Quality Marketing agency London


Good project management makes all the difference between success and failure. At Abacus, you always have access to senior expertise, who’ll have hands-on contact from start to finish. Execution is a delicate process, and even small issues can throw a whole project off track if it’s not managed properly. We’re always on the case, fine-tuning every detail until it’s all signed, sealed and delivered.

Ongoing improvement

Our six-stage formula is a continual process of improvement. We’re always looking for new ways to enhance the quality of the strategies and tactics we deliver. We test, test and test again to ensure performance always remains optimised.

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