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Welcome to Abacus Marketing – one of the best & top Integrated Marketing Agencies to be found in London

There are of course lots of integrated marketing agencies in London, so what makes Abacus stand out from the crowd? It’s a good question, one that we could answer in many different ways. The bottom line is that we are more interested in your bottom line than ours. As a small independent agency with a moral compass, that’s not an idle statement; it’s a rock solid fact.

Whilst we continue to offer our services to blue chip clients and larger organisations, these days we are particularly keen to work with ambitious, passionate and entrepreneurial start-ups and small businesses. If that’s you, please get in touch to arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements in more detail. We’d love to tell you more about our SMPP framework…

Our Strategic Marketing Planning Process enables us to quickly get to grips with your commercial plan and brand proposition in sufficient depth to develop meaningful insights, robust conclusions and credible recommendations. Why is this important? So we can create cost-effective and time-efficient strategies we can confidently expect to achieve your goals.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in London

Welcome to Abacus. One of the best marketing agencies in London.


Do you want to work with a marketing agency which only employs la crème de la crème when it comes to strategic, creative and execution expertise? Do you want to work with a marketing company dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service at all times, one which loves going that extra mile in pursuit of perfection? Do you want to work with a marketing firm that provides you with a rubber-stamped guarantee of exceptional financial fairness and total ethical transparency? Well, that’s Abacus. We offer a big agency experience, but without the big agency price tag. Thats why we are the best marketing agency in London.

Integrated marketing agency

We are never happy with good – or even great. We are always searching for excellence. That’s our promise to you.

Marketing agency London

We love to delight clients with our passion, energy and enthusiasm. We treat others as we like to be treated.

Marketing Agency In London

Value means two things to us. The price you pay and the output you get. We always deliver both.

Alyssa Ralph
Alyssa Ralph
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I first came across Abacus as a member of a focus group for one of their products, and was incredibly impressed with the materials they'd created for the brand in question. This led me to open a conversation with them, as a small business owner needing help with all things marketing to launch a new project. From the get-go, Steve was incredibly easy to chat with, and the sheer amount of knowledge and experience he has in the marketing world just poured out of him. Being a small business, we couldn't afford to go all-in, and Steve was compassionate and flexible throughout, finding ways to make a partnership more viable. The tips and tricks he's given me, before we've even started working together, have been absolutely invaluable, and I'm so excited to see where my business is in a years' time thanks to his guidance. If you're on the fence about reaching out to Abacus for help, I would strongly advise you to just open up the conversation and see what happens. You won't be disappointed!
Lewis M
Lewis M
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Flawless experience working with the Abacus team. Pleasure to work with.
Richard Lush
Richard Lush
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I have worked pretty closely with Steve on a major brand project. Steve and the team at Abacus are both professional, and have a very keen eye for detail when it comes to dealing with clients. I would highly recommend both their services as a marketing agency, and as working for them as a contractor. Professional in all areas and in every little detail. 10/10
Finlay Boardman
Finlay Boardman
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Stephen Brown of Abacus Marketing recently gave me the opportunity to work as a personal Mentee of his, and to shadow some of the excellent work Abacus Marketing practice on a daily basis. This opportunity has provided me with a substantial increase in knowledge based around the field of Marketing and Business Development, and a strong insight into what early career choices are crucial, and ones to avoid. Although I am in the earlier stages of being mentored, I know that all of his fruitful information will only continue to further develop me as an individual. I highly commend Abacas Marketing, and their founder Stephen for so many reasons. The main few being the meticulous approach to every step they go through to achieve their clients needs, and the way he voluntarily provides me with his wisdom and advice, which has already developed so many aspects of my personal life. Great Guy, Great Company!
Sade Johnson
Sade Johnson
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Steve was a great help. He was so encouraging and insightful with a plan for marketing my new gym wear brand for curvy women. He was able to see a vision I couldn’t. We will be continuing to work with Steve in the future.
Hristian Mladenov
Hristian Mladenov
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I met Stephen almost half a year ago and have personally worked with him as his mentee for nearly four months now. For the relatively short time we have known each other, I can say that he contributed to my personal development and increased my knowledge in the field of marketing more than any lecture I have ever attended at university. I first contacted him to offer my skills and experience in exchange for an internship at Abacus Marketing. And although his company’s business model does not allow for entry-level graduate positions, he was kind enough to offer me his mentorship and support as an experienced marketing professional. And I cannot be more grateful for the time he voluntarily decided to spend with me to help me improve – both personally and professionally. What first drove me to Abacus was the sense of professionalism and dedication I could see on their website. I was amazed by the working culture and the way Stephen is always prepared to go the extra mile in every aspect of his work. The level of passion and perfectionism was visible from his six-star service pledge, ensuring the best possible quality delivered by the best expert professionals on the market. That image and expectation of him were only confirmed when I first met him. He is dedicated to what he is doing, and it is more than evident that he enjoys his work more than anything else. And that is precisely why he achieves these amazing results for his clients and managed to build such an outstanding track record, consistently exceeding his clients’ expectations. I genuinely believe that Stephen’s attention to detail and professionalism is what makes Abacus one of the greatest marketing agencies in London. Stephen’s readiness to share his expertise has helped him reshape many businesses and has changed many lives – including mine. I am grateful that I met him and will always be ready to recommend his services to everybody who needs them.
Lewis Grant
Lewis Grant
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Steve at Abacus Marketing is a true professional throughout the marketing process from start to finish. If you are looking for a London-based marketing company that can take an idea in your head and turn it into a potential multi-million pound company, look no further than Abacus. I have been mentored throughout my time at the University of Reading by Steve and took part in some of the projects that Abacus is working on. Every client is guaranteed to have a smile on their face when working with Steve and his carefully selected marketing team, whilst being reassured through every interaction that their product or service is going to be a success. Best marketing agency in London, hands down.
Joanna Soltysiak
Joanna Soltysiak
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Extremely professional service,honest and hardworking team, good customer service, highly recommend!
Elemental Massage
Elemental Massage
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Abacus Marketing is truly the best in London. The service, professionalism and knowledge that Steve has delivered was outstanding. He explained the whole journey in details and was transparent about the costs involved. Thank you, Monica
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Roberts
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Great marketing advice as well as useful, critical advice for our business and fresh, creative ideas!

What we do

When it comes to marketing agencies, you can choose to work with a media specialist or an integrated expert. We are the latter, and we believe that our one-stop-shop solution is ideal for clients looking for a marketing company with heavyweight strategic credentials. Our consultative approach means that our solutions are grounded in evidence. Our strategic marketing planning process is a framework we use that ensures the work we deliver for you is as valuable as possible. We apply this knowledge to our creative solutions in whatever form they take, and then we execute them with precision, with the pursuit of perfection being the driving force behind the success of all our work.

Marketing consultancy

If you’re looking for a marketing agency with a consultative edge, you’ve come to the right place. Ask us about our strategic marketing planning process...

Corporate branding

Corporate branding is much more than just having a good-looking logo or a well-designed sales collateral and marketing materials.

Strategic Brand Proposition

A strategic brand proposition is the first part of the equation that we need to solve when it comes to creating a successful corporate branding solution.

Creative Brand Proposition

Consistency really is the watchword when it comes to good quality design, which is why we create a comprehensive set of brand guidelines as part of the process.

Website design & development

A good website is one which is easy to navigate, communicates your brand story well, and looks the business from head to toe.

Design studio

Our design studio is headed up by our creative directors – highly talented people with great ideas who are able to bring plans and strategies devised by our marketing consultants to life with stunning visual concepts.

Corporate Presentations

Need a versatile sales training tool that can be used anywhere in the world? Or an engaging digital presentation your entire sales team can use?

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are becoming an increasingly popular digital marketing tool used by many organisations to promote their brands and products on websites and social channels.

Digital Marketing

The key to a successful digital marketing strategy lies in selecting the right ingredients in the right quantities for your business.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The first page of Google is the holy grail for any business with ambitions to cost-effectively fill their sales pipelines with high quality prospective clients.

Social media marketing

So, which social media platforms are best for your organisation? Well, that depends on the type of business you are.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising is probably the fastest moving marketing medium, as marketing technology tools become ever more sophisticated in the search for marginal gains.

Email marketing

Email marketing does work – in fact, the return on investment on email marketing campaigns is higher than any other digital marketing medium.

Content marketing

Content marketing is central to the success of many digital marketing activities. At its most basic level, content is all about communicating well with customers.

Marketing campaigns

Based on a thorough understanding of the client’s business, their overall marketing plan, their brand proposition and the goals outlined in the brief.

Event marketing

Exhibitions, sales conferences, trade shows, training events, seminars, product launches… they all need to be engaging and memorable.

Channel marketing

Channel marketing is all about improving the performance of the sales distribution channel by means of communication, education, recognition and reward.

Public Relations (PR)

The best integrated marketing solutions almost invariably require a PR strategy within the overall marketing plan.


Corporate branding, Creative brand proposition, Design studio, Marketing consultancy, Website design and development
Content marketing, Corporate branding, Creative brand proposition, Design studio, Digital marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing consultancy, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Social media marketing, Website design and development
Channel marketing, Design studio, Digital marketing, Email Marketing, Website design and development
Corporate branding, Corporate videos, Creative brand proposition, Design studio, Digital marketing, Marketing consultancy, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Strategic brand proposition, Website design and development



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